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The Gautrain’s dedicated bus service transports passengers between the station and the eastern, northern and southern suburbs. Passengers may also walk, cycle or drive to the station; only bicycles in the correct carrier bags may be brought onto the system. Check Gautrain rules for more details.

Bus Route Map Brooklyn H1 (329 KB)
Bus Route Map Lynwood H2 (372 KB)
Bus Route Map Arcadia H3 (228 KB)
Bus Route Map Hatfield H5 (376 KB)
Bus Route Map Highveld C1 (473 KB)
Bus Route Map Rooihuiskraal C2 (597 KB)
Bus Route Map Wierda Park C3 (586 KB)
Bus Route Map Southdowns C4 (496 KB)
Bus Route Map Randjespark M1 (488 KB)
Bus Route Map Noordwyk M2 (475 KB)
Bus Route Map Sunninghill M3 (528 KB)
Bus Route Map CBD P3 (210 KB)
Bus Route P5 Pretoria Zoo P5 (508 KB)
Bus Route Pretoria Unisa P6 (668 KB)
Bus Route Map Parktown J1 (537 KB)
Bus Route Map CBD J2 (524 KB)
Bus Route Map Kempton Park RF1 (842 KB)
Bus Route Map Emperors Palace RF2 (368 KB)
Bus Route Map Melrose RB2 (447 KB)
Bus Route Map Illovo RB3 (458 KB)
Bus Route Map Hyde Park RB4 (352 KB)
Bus Route Map Killarney RB5 (2030 KB)
Bus Route Map Gallo Manor S2 (570 KB)
Bus Route Map Rivonia S3 (601 KB)
Bus Route Map Randburg S4 (589 KB)
Bus Route Map Fourways S5 (1105 KB)
There is now a shuttle service operating from the Marlboro Station to both Linbro Park and the Woodlands Office Park. In order to use these shuttles, you will be required to purchase shuttle tickets at the Marlboro Station’s bus office. Please note that you need a shuttle ticket before you will be granted access. Customers are requested to approach the customer service agents at the station for assistance with any queries.

No Gautrain Gold Cards or cash payments will be accepted on the shuttle.
Shuttle Service to Woodlands Office Park (312 KB)
Shuttle Service to Linbro Park (1.6 MB)
The Gautrain now offers WEEKEND shuttle buses between Sandton Station and Monte Casino, non-stop. Buses run between 08h15 and 19h30 and depart every 45 minutes from both ends. Tickets cost R20 per trip, available at Sandton Station and Monte Casino.
Shuttle Service to Monte Casino (281 KB)
A valid Gold Card is required to board a Gautrain bus; these can be purchased at the stations and at selected retail outlets. Your Gold Card will need to have a minimum balance of R20 to board a Gautrain bus. Bus tickets cannot be purchased on the buses.

Find your nearest bus stop by clicking here or at your nearest station. Please note that all of our bus stops can be identified by the following signs.

Flag your bus! The bus drivers do not necessarily stop at each bus stop, if there are no passengers waiting there. When your bus is travelling towards you, you will need to flag it down if you would like it to stop. You can do this by raising your arm when the bus approaches. Please note that failure to do this will result in the bus continuing along its route.

Simply touch the Gold Card to the ticket reader on the fare-gate and wait for the green light and beeping sound to indicate validation. Pass through the glass barrier, board the train, sit back and relax! Upon leaving the train, touch the card to the ticket reader at the fare-gate, wait for validation and pass through. Thank you for using Gautrain!

Please press the stop button on the bus as you near your desired stop so that the bus driver can stop to let you off. You do not need to tag out when exiting a bus. Once you have arrived at the station, and if you are catching the train, you must tag into the station within 90 minutes of having tagged into the bus to qualify for the discounted fare.

Rail User Single Fare: R7
(If you use a bus and a train within one hour of one another)

Non-Rail User Single Fare: R20
(If you use a bus and don’t also use a train within one hour)

Please check the individual bus route map download for detailed timetable information.

Max Transfer Time (215 KB)